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DFS Corporate Website

I designed and implemented the corporate website for Data Fusion Specialists (DFS) who is a trusted global company and partner that provides high quality IT Solutions, Services and Resources to accelerate your business.

You can check out the website here.


I was initially hired by Data Fusion Specialists to redesign and rearchitect their corporate website. Before my redesign, they were using an outdated version of Wordpress with very little content to show. Additionally, the SEO scores for the site had plenty of room for improvement. I immediately got to work creating design mockups for the landing page, and some of the other pages. We wanted to show that DFS had many different clients and a wide variety of solutions to offer. We decided to have entire sections of the site dedicated to this information. For the solutions page, we decided to include a section where the user can search for a specific solution using a keyword, category, or a specific provider. Additionally, we decided to include a section of the site dedicate to writing blog posts about technology.

The website is built using Gatsby.js, a modern static site generator, with content sourced from a CMS which we keep up to date separate from the website code. The site was configured to dynamically intake this content on a regular basis, and rebuild the site if any of the underlying content changes. This allowed members of the team to dedicate their time to keeping our content up to date without having to contact developers, reducing the turnaround time for content updates significantly.

Things I Learned

I learned a lot about how static site generators work for this project. Prior to working on this project, I only worked with Gatsby.js to build this site you are on now! This website was significantly more complex than my site and required a lot more thinking and planning to get right. Lastly, I learned a lot about how to design a corporate website that looks professional and runs smoothly.

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Sam GamageProjectsAbout me
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