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Hey, I'm Samuel Gamage

I'm a full stack software engineer based in Atlanta, GA. You can check out my recent projects and blog posts below.

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DFS Coeus AI Assistant


March 25, 2022

DFS Coeus AI Assistant is a text and voice assistant built on top of assistants like IBM's Watson Assistant that can be integrated into complex business environments.

May 10, 2021

Med Manager is a cross-platform medication tracking application which makes managing your medications easy. This project was for my junior design capstone project at Georgia Tech where I worked with four other talented engineers using agile development.

October 05, 2020

I designed and implemented the corporate website for Data Fusion Specialists (DFS) who is a trusted global company and partner that provides high quality IT Solutions, Services and Resources to accelerate your business.

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October 02, 20194 minute read

Beginners often find React hooks easier to digest and understand. Why is that?

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