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Coeus AI Assistant

Coeus AI Assistant is a text and voice assistant built on top of assistants like IBM's Watson Assistant that can be integrated into complex business environments.


At Data Fusion Specialists (DFS), I was a part of a high-performing design, development, and operations team to build Coeus AI Assistant, a SaaS for building custom AI virtual assistants.

As lead full stack developer, I led the development of the backend RESTful API using microservices with Node.js and Python. Our backend stack was implemented using an event-driven architecture backed by Apache Kafka. I also led the design and implementation of the Coeus dashboard using React and TypeScript which integrated with Stripe, Authentication systems and our backend API.

I worked clostely with clients in healthcare, banking, retail, transportation, and public sectors to implement highly complex virtual assistants using Coeus. Check out the video below if you are interested in learning more about it.

Technology I Learned

One of the big things that we used for this project was building backend systems using microservices. I quickly learned that if you want to build systems that can scale well as your uses and company grows, using microservices is the best option.

Prior to working on this project I had never worked with Kubernetes before. When I learned that we would be building the solution using microservices I immediately started learning and enrolling in online courses. In very little time, I was able to learn Kubernetes and use that knowledge to implement the manifest files powering our staging and production backend systems. I also had to learn about Kafka which serves as our distributed message broker powering all of the backend services.

In addition to providing a self-service dashboard, we wanted customers to be able to embed a chat widget onto their websites. We chose to implement the Coeus Web Chat Widget using React and I learned a lot about how to build widgets that can easily be embedded onto customer websites.

The chat seen in the demo video above is built using Coeus. Out of any project I have worked on in the past, this is the one I am most proud of. The development was incredibly challenging and it allowed me to learn new technologies that I had never used before.

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Sam GamageProjectsAbout me
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