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Ava Chat

Ava is a virtual assistant built using ChatGPT and GPT-3 with enhanced search capabilities.

Coeus AI Assistant is a text and voice assistant built on top of assistants like IBM's Watson Assistant that can be integrated into complex business environments.

Med Manager is a cross-platform medication tracking application which makes managing your medications easy. This project was for my junior design capstone project at Georgia Tech where I worked with four other talented engineers using agile development.

I designed and implemented the corporate website for Data Fusion Specialists (DFS) who is a trusted global company and partner that provides high quality IT Solutions, Services and Resources to accelerate your business.

Plutus is a financial budgeting app that runs our AI voice assistant, Jade. By providing Jade with vocal input of your recent spending, Plutus automatically categorizes the expense, presents how you are maintaining your goals, and visually models the data to offer an easy-to-digest graphical understanding of your finances.

Claire is a dating app that allows users to break down the superficial bearer from relationships. These days, dating apps often lack real conversations. I suspect it is because of the changing nature of human to human engagement in the age of social media. Claire aims to foster genuine, personal conversations and give way to long-lasting relationships.

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Sam GamageProjectsAbout me
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